Recognizing Money Self-Sabotage

Recognizing Money Self-SabotageMoney, the lack of it, the fear of losing it, the dread of not having enough—tops the list of concerns of many people these days. That’s because the economy is in bad shape, you may say. But money fears predate today’s bad news. Even when the economy is flourishing, we still tend to be a debt-ridden society. 

What’s up with that? 

Our ability to create sufficient money in our lives is anchored by our financial attitudes and behaviors—what we believe can be true for our lives. When these values remain unexamined and unchallenged, they interfere with our welfare. Here are a few of the more common beliefs that can rob your life of a sense of Flow and Joy: 

I Don’t Like or Care About Money
This one is held by people at all income levels. It can have its origin in religious conviction, political perspective or guilt over inherited privilege. Pam is a child of the 60’s who says she doesn’t really like money. She never allows herself to have what she truly wants and always buys the cheapest version. She’s a landscape designer, but regularly under-bills her clients. A classic under-earner, she sometimes relies on credit cards for basic expenses such as rent. 

I’m Clueless about Money
Doug rarely balances his bank statements, doesn’t know how much money he has or spends and, as a result, finds himself saddled with late fees and bounced check charges. People like Doug may believe that they’re not skilled enough to handle their money or may think that money is uncouth. Doug makes a good income, but his unwillingness to pay attention to it also makes him vulnerable to theft, fraud, debt he can’t afford and bankruptcy. 

I Don’t Have Enough Money
Sally worries about money often. Although her income is twice that of her friends, she constantly goes on about how hard it is to pay her bills. At the root of Sally’s fear may be a belief that she can’t take care of herself or that the world is a harsh place with scarce resources. People like Sally sometimes fear that they will lose everything and end up homeless. 

I’ll Never Have Enough
Mike also feels that he doesn’t have enough money, but rather than feeling that the world is a harsh place for everyone, he believes it is only hard for him. Other people will do just fine, but he’ll always be poor. If you try to encourage him, he’ll list the many strikes against him. People like Mike are often under-earners, blind to the opportunities that are available. 

If any of these attitudes resonate, you may want to explore them with Love, Respect, Curiosity, Compassion and Gratitude. As you become more aware of the roots of your self-limiting beliefs and adopt a more empowering perspective, your Life will automatically acquire an expanded sense of personal freedom. Healing your personal relationship with money helps build a solid foundation for minimizing and weathering any economic storms.

A Professional Life Coach can be a great partner in helping you shift to more constructive money beliefs and behaviors. I encourage you to schedule a completely FREE complimentary coaching session with me to explore your possibilities for money stress reduction.

If someone offered you a precious gift for an hour of your time, would you be interested? That’s what I offer with a complimentary coaching session. A comp session isn’t a brief demo or sample. It’s a full 45-minute coaching session focused on current real life challenges of your choosing plus 15 minutes to discuss your experience and any questions you may have about my approach to coaching. Those who have experienced comp sessions will tell you, when you come to your comp session open to the possibilities for transformation and fully committed to your own growth, big breakthroughs happen!

Actually coaching together is one of the best ways to appreciate the potential for life transformation, understand my approach, decide whether it’s a modality that works for you and determine whether you and I have the right chemistry as a team.

The value of a comp session? PRICELESS!

It’s FREE and life enhancing. What have you got to lose, other than the fears and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from reducing stress and living the life of your dreams?

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Author’s content adapted under license, © 2008 Claire Communications

About djwlifecoach

As a retired board-certified coach, author and Reiki master teacher, I continue to share hope, possibilities and empowerment with the world. What's love got to do with minimizing stress and getting unstuck? Everything! My book, "Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!" (Hay House/Balboa Press 2013) shares my story and the stories of 10 of my clients along with my signature Discovery Framework. During my 30 years as an organization transformation consultant, I served as a senior partner in four of the world's largest, most prestigious global professional services firms. In 2005, I took a five-year sabbatical to find healing and peace because non-stop work had taken its toll. My recovery from burnout, including a sustained 80-pound weight loss and freedom from 10 years of debilitating depression, led to finding my purpose sharing hope, possibilities and empowerment with the world. Through healing and self-exploration, I discovered that loving yourself unconditionally is the key to transforming your personal life, your work and the world. With attention and intention, I learned to live in alignment with love through a wealth of energy-shifting tools and techniques that help me reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm by releasing limiting beliefs, emotions and habits. My books, blog and radio episodes help individuals and organizations harness the transformative energy of love to turn unexplored possibilities into fulfilling realities and step into their greatness. Learn more and access FREE resources at For fun, I love singing, reading, sewing, knitting, golfing and movies. I live in Williamsburg, Virginia with my husband, Wilson, and the coaching cats who manage my life—SiddhaLee and Maisy Jane.
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