Why Waste Your Life in Anger?

Given that each of us has a limited number of minutes to live in this particular lifetime on this particular planet, renowned poet, Mary Oliver, asks in her poem “The Summer Day,”

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” 

You can CHOOSE to live your life angry and at odds with the world around you OR you can CHOOSE to be optimistic and at peace—whatever your circumstances. Anger is a fear-based energy. Optimism is a love-based energy.

Love is constructive and moves you forward. Fear is destructive and holds you back.

Love is the author of truth and reality. Fear is the author of lies and illusion. Which sounds like more fun? You’d think we’d all, always, CHOOSE LOVE, right? And yet, I’ve found that any of us can drift off center when overwhelmed by stress and gripped by ancient self-destructive scripts. When we do and fear takes over in the form of anger, WHAM—peace and optimism fly out the window. At times such as these, how do you return your core energy to constructive love-fueled equanimity?


Whenever we invest our moments in gratitude, we optimize the return on our most precious investment.

The moment you recognize that you’re beginning to feel angry, start neutralizing the judge by getting curious about the qualities of your current situation for which you can be genuinely grateful. Maybe it reveals an opportunity for personal improvement. Or points to a relationship or role that is no longer a constructive force in your life.

Why Waste Your Life in Anger?

When you remember that everything is an opportunity and get curious, you’ll always find something to appreciate. Expressing genuine gratitude in the face of anger is one of the fastest ways to shift your mental state to joy and equanimity. I’m not advocating denial, because that which is denied wreaks havoc. I’m encouraging you to recognize, embrace and harness your anger as quickly as possible rather than merely ranting and raving but gaining nothing of real value. Shifting your energy from anger to gratitude allows you to turn your seeming mine field into a goldmine by reaping the insights and benefits that your harnessed anger can yield.

Once anger leaves the building, you gain a direct line of sight to your greatest awareness and deepest wisdom allowing you to enjoy greater resilience, see even more opportunities, make your best decisions and demonstrate implementation persistence and creativity, whatever perceived obstacles you encounter along the way.

When you fuel all aspects of yourself with love, respect, curiosity, compassion, and gratitude, you begin living in flow.

Your life becomes a fluid Journey to Wholeness grounded in who you are being, not what you are doing. Every breath, thought, word, and act—your very presence—fosters a generous, effortless, gracious life of flow filled with faith, hope, prosperity, peace, and joy.

  • Faith: I am confident that love is the greatest power in the Universe.
  • Hope: Universal love is always unfolding the highest good for all, in all, through all.
  • Prosperity: My Universal Source is excellent, limitless, and reliable.
  • Peace: I relax into all that was, is, and will be.
  • Joy: Whatever my circumstances, I know who I am and Whose I am: a unique cocreative expression of the Divine.

How could THAT ever not be enough?

When you choose an attitude of gratitude, you easily relax into all that was, is and will be. 

How will you improve the performance of your life’s portfolio TODAY by investing all of your precious moments in GRATITUDE?


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About djwlifecoach

As a retired board-certified coach, author and Reiki master teacher, I continue to share hope, possibilities and empowerment with the world. What's love got to do with minimizing stress and getting unstuck? Everything! My book, "Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!" (Hay House/Balboa Press 2013) shares my story and the stories of 10 of my clients along with my signature Discovery Framework. During my 30 years as an organization transformation consultant, I served as a senior partner in four of the world's largest, most prestigious global professional services firms. In 2005, I took a five-year sabbatical to find healing and peace because non-stop work had taken its toll. My recovery from burnout, including a sustained 80-pound weight loss and freedom from 10 years of debilitating depression, led to finding my purpose sharing hope, possibilities and empowerment with the world. Through healing and self-exploration, I discovered that loving yourself unconditionally is the key to transforming your personal life, your work and the world. With attention and intention, I learned to live in alignment with love through a wealth of energy-shifting tools and techniques that help me reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm by releasing limiting beliefs, emotions and habits. My books, blog and radio episodes help individuals and organizations harness the transformative energy of love to turn unexplored possibilities into fulfilling realities and step into their greatness. Learn more and access FREE resources at djwlifecoach.blog. For fun, I love singing, reading, sewing, knitting, golfing and movies. I live in Williamsburg, Virginia with my husband, Wilson, and the coaching cats who manage my life—SiddhaLee and Maisy Jane.
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