No Such Thing as Good Luck

Earning Your LuckMerriam-Webster defines “luck” as “the things that happen to a person because of chance: the accidental way things happen without being planned.” This definition is one of the reasons I avoid using the term. I don’t believe in good luck available to the few. I believe endless good fortune freely accessible to all.

Our Divine Source is excellent, limitless and reliable. No external force can block our highest good. Universal abundance flows to and through all of us 24-7. As singer-songwriter Kathy Mattea observes, so often we choose to “stand knee-deep in a river, dying of thirst.” And, the moment we stop choosing to embrace the victim mindset, we find everything we need to survive, thrive, transform and transcend is completely available to us—it was right there all the time.

The popular myth that to succeed, you must be lucky, undermines our incredible personal power and the role we play in shaping our own destiny. It implies that some are lucky and some aren’t.  This myth, like so many others that sabotage and undermine us, is based in fear-fueled lies.

The truth is, good fortune isn’t found in a four-leaf clover or at the end of a rainbow. Nor does it only flow to those born with the right genes or a trust fund. Good fortune is available to all of us. While it may seem that the people who get “all the breaks” do so effortlessly, when you look deeper, you will find they live with attention and intention.

They remain open to opportunities by demonstrating curiosity, creativity, planning and persistence. They do not engage in forced marches by trying to give from an empty well. They renew and empower their bodies, minds, hearts and souls with rest, reflection and play. They take baby steps, celebrating every inch of progress with a grateful heart. They live in harmony, promoting sensory balance through mindfulness, wisdom and love. And, whatever their circumstances—most especially when things don’t go as they planned—they remain grateful and empowered by remembering who they are and Whose they are. They are unique cocreative expressions of the Divine. How could that ever not be enough?

So how can you realize the essential shift from believing these principles in your head to living them from your heart? Any of us can drift off center occasionally when overwhelmed by stress and gripped by ancient self-destructive scripts. Here are 14 of my favorite tools for recognizing it quickly and getting back on track easily. 

  1. Pay Attention: If you don’t recognize you’re feeling stressed, you can’t change it. Practice mindfulness by noticing what you are thinking, feeling, saying, and doing and figuring out why.
  2. Breathe: Next time things start getting a little crazy, stop, take three deep breaths, become fully present, restore sanity, and realize you have options. Your brain needs oxygen to function effectively. Try setting a timer on your phone or computer to remind you periodically to stop, close your eyes for a minute, and just breathe.
  3. Be Here Now: Forget rehashing the past and agonizing over the future. This moment is your only real opportunity to make a difference. Just you, just here, just now, just be. Perpetual equanimity and fulfillment come from dancing in the moment.
  4. Opportunity Knocks: While life won’t always follow your plans and expectations, everything in life is an opportunity. An opportunity to understand yourself better, open your heart wider, and develop greater compassion for yourself and others. While the details of our lives differ, we all experience the same range of emotions, from fear, frustration, and loneliness to joy, contentment, and peace. With yourself firmly planted in the present moment, it is your ability to respond creatively and constructively that makes the difference.
  5. Get Curious: If everything is an opportunity, where might the opportunity be in this situation? The Universe is far more creative than we can imagine. Assume the best and look for the silver lining in even the darkest cloud.
  6. Talk to Yourself: It is the smartest crazy thing you’ll ever do. It improves your sense of perspective, creativity, and humor. You might discover that what you were dreading isn’t likely to happen or will be much easier than you feared. With a little imagination, it might even be a great opportunity. This tool is particularly effective for constructively engaging, understanding, and motivating your sage, guardian, and muse.
  7. Write It Down: Getting stressful thoughts out of your head and onto paper can also improve your sense of perspective. Often, just putting them in writing reduces them to a more manageable size.
  8. Move It: When in doubt, move about. A gentle walk around the room, the block, or the gym will begin releasing natural tranquilizers and restoring full breathing. It feeds your creativity so you will be able to come up with more resourceful options for handling your situation.
  9. Hydrate: Water fosters flow and sustains life. It composes up to 60 percent of the average human body and covers 70 percent of the earth’s surface. Drink. Shower. Bathe. Swim. Cry. Hydrate yourself in every way imaginable and watch yourself flow through the ups and downs of life with greater flexibility, creativity, and resilience.
  10. Trust Your Gut: You have inside you all the wisdom you seek. Instead of stressing yourself out by fighting your instincts or feeling compelled to justify your hunches with logic, try trusting your intuition instead.
  11. Behave As If: There are two aspects to this one: If you gave yourself the same care and attention you give your friends and loved ones, what support would you give yourself right now? And what would you dare to do if you believed you couldn’t fail?
  12. Take Baby Steps: Slow and steady produces meaningful, lasting results. Vast forced output is rarely sustained. Great strides of lasting value involve myriad baby steps over time. If the conceivers of the Taj Mahal had believed fast was the only way to get there, it would have crumbled in the first storm. Your dreams are the same. Don’t try to take them all on at once. Identify the next small step and take it. Then another and another and another. Before you know it, you will have built your dream, and it will last your whole life through.
  13. Celebrate: Every step forward is a cause for celebration. Every time you move closer to your dreams, pat yourself on the back with a party moment. Ta-da! A steady stream of self-affirmation will continue releasing additional positive fuel to keep you moving forward.
  14. Time for What Matters: Time is not a scarce resource. You have all the time you need for the things that matter. Your sole responsibility in each moment is to discern what matters most right now, to focus, and to follow through. Using the other tools will help clear the way to accessing your deepest wisdom and moving forward, in each moment, with confidence, peace, and joy.

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“I find Deborah’s approach to be unique. Her great advantage is the ability to bring together a strong professional background, a deeply spiritual perspective and a personal character born out of overcoming her own challenges and leveraging her life experiences to support others on their Journeys to Wholeness.” —Lily

Join the other “lucky” people who have learned the secret—that choosing your energy changes every aspect of your life personally and professionally. Perceptions, opportunities, relationships and priorities. Ready to start seeing the goldmine rather than the mine field? The untapped potential buried within any perceived obstacles in your life?

What change in mindset and behavior will you adopt today to inspire and empower yourself and everyone your encounter? Time to reclaim your personal power to turn unexplored possibilities into fulfilling realities and step into your greatness!

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I am retired from 40+ years of helping individuals and teams build lives and organizations they love. One of the great joys of my retirement from professional practice is having greater bandwidth to donate my professional and creative talents to support and promote animal and social welfare charities. During my 30 years as an organization transformation consultant, I served as a senior partner in four of the world’s largest, most prestigious global professional services firms. In 2005, I took a five-year sabbatical to find healing and peace because non-stop work had taken its toll. My recovery from burnout led to finding my purpose guiding others on their journeys. As a board-certified coach, author, consultant, radio host, Reiki Master and EFT/tapping practitioner, I share hope, possibilities and empowerment with the world. 111419 DJW Sid CH Pet Corner Photo ShootI help clients achieve rapid, extraordinary, sustainable results by connecting who they are with what they do, a connection often lost through stress and the sheer busy-ness of daily life. Courageous self-awareness and unconditional self-love lead to honest choices based on priorities that nurture you and those around you on a journey to wholeness. Decades in coaching, consulting, change management, organization development, human resources and mixed media artistic expression honed my business sense, professionalism, creativity, intuition, leadership and communication skills. The result? Practical tools that help you become more insightful, creative, committed, productive and fulfilled. Even the most dedicated and hard-working individuals can shift from frustration to a sense of futility when their values, passion, work, and lives become disconnected. One of the problems with not taking care of our health is that the effects of ignoring it are often slow to show up. We continue to juggle family responsibilities, work and finances until we lose ourselves, waking up one day 50 pounds heavier in body and soul—no good to ourselves or anyone else. I love working with people who are ready to take life-changing action to make their dreams a reality. At each moment, you have inside you all the wisdom you seek to choose your life and your way of showing up. Limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings can block you from moving forward. An absence of love and concern for yourself can result in negative head talk that holds you back with discouraging messages about who you are and what you can do. By listening and caring deeply, I guide you in connecting with your own inner wisdom. We identify the way you’d like to live. We determine what’s blocking you and release you from the hold those blocks have over you—unleashing the positive energy that will fuel you forward. Together we develop a plan to move you closer to your heart’s desire. My books, blog, radio show and signature coaching programs help individuals and organizations harness the transformative energy of love to turn unexplored possibilities into fulfilling realities and step into their greatness. What’s love got to do with it? Everything! My book, Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life! (Hay House/ Balboa Press 2013) shares my story and the stories of 10 of my clients along with my signature Discovery Framework. For fun, I love reading, sewing, knitting, yin yoga, afternoon tea, opera and movies. I live in Williamsburg, Virginia with my spouse, Wilson Abney, and the cat who runs our life, Maisy Jane.
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