Owning Your Success

When things don’t go as you expect—the economy takes a dip, it rains on your wedding day or you run out of time to apply for a grant—you can invest your energy in making excuses, blaming others or beating up on yourself. Or you can choose the path of genuine self-responsibility coupled with non-judgmental curiosity and tap into the opportunity mother-load.

Blaming others and beating up
on yourself are NOT consistent
with really taking responsibility.

They are ways to escape taking meaningful action by avoiding real responsibility. The problem with this approach is that, when you never own your disappointments, you can never truly own your successes. Understanding your disappointments is important—it’s how you grow.

Owning Your Success

The secret to harvesting the greatest rewards from the endeavors that fall short of your expectations? Skip the disempowering self-loathing and embrace insatiable curiosity instead.

Be your own best Sherlock Holmes:
look for patterns everywhere.

When a project doesn’t go as hoped, think about other ones that fizzled in a similar fashion. What do all of them have in common? A fundamental assumption that directs much of your life? What might happen if you traded in that outgrown assumption for one with more potential?

Be equally curious about the similarities of your greatest successes: what do they have in common? What might ensue if you extended those commonalities to every endeavor?

Begin by identifying a time when you were at the “top of your game.” Perhaps you won a buckle at the county rodeo, or topped the charts in the fifth grade spelling bee. Maybe you ran a 5K race in your personal best time or helped a senior citizen apply for assistance. What were the keys to your success? What skills and talents did you use? What allies did you enlist? How might you expand your wins if you applied similar principles, talents and allies in other areas of your life?

Our thoughts, words and deeds
are the building blocks of our results.

Some look at a seeming barrier and think, “That’s too high for me.” Others see it as a temporary impediment and start looking for a leg up or a way around it. Or they up their training regime to condition themselves to jump higher. Choose your energy, change your life. It’s up to you.

How will you get unstuck and begin jumping higher today?


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About djwlifecoach

As a retired board-certified coach, author and Reiki master teacher, I continue to share hope, possibilities and empowerment with the world. What's love got to do with minimizing stress and getting unstuck? Everything! My book, "Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!" (Hay House/Balboa Press 2013) shares my story and the stories of 10 of my clients along with my signature Discovery Framework. During my 30 years as an organization transformation consultant, I served as a senior partner in four of the world's largest, most prestigious global professional services firms. In 2005, I took a five-year sabbatical to find healing and peace because non-stop work had taken its toll. My recovery from burnout, including a sustained 80-pound weight loss and freedom from 10 years of debilitating depression, led to finding my purpose sharing hope, possibilities and empowerment with the world. Through healing and self-exploration, I discovered that loving yourself unconditionally is the key to transforming your personal life, your work and the world. With attention and intention, I learned to live in alignment with love through a wealth of energy-shifting tools and techniques that help me reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm by releasing limiting beliefs, emotions and habits. My books, blog and radio episodes help individuals and organizations harness the transformative energy of love to turn unexplored possibilities into fulfilling realities and step into their greatness. Learn more and access FREE resources at djwlifecoach.blog. For fun, I love singing, reading, sewing, knitting, golfing and movies. I live in Williamsburg, Virginia with my husband, Wilson, and the coaching cats who manage my life—SiddhaLee and Maisy Jane.
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